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Come and plant your tree… Crowdfunding www.eco123.info

Annual subscription: now only €15 down from €18


Planting a tree reduces your CO2 footprint. Our 2025 goal is ‘Zero Emissions’.

Subscribing to ECO123 ONLINE means playing your part in financing Monchique’s Botanic Forest Garden: planting trees, irrigation, forest care. Up to 15 January 2022 we offer 500 annual online subscriptions at the reduced price of €15 each, in a crowdfunding drive to raise €7,500 (incl. 6% VAT = €450).

With this capital ECO123 will fund the forest fire emergency sprinkler system. Shifting 250 metres of soil €3,500, material (pumps, pipes, return valves, sprinklers) €2,600. Plus 23% VAT (€1,400). Grand total €7,500.

We account for every cent raised in this campaign. All volunteers at the Botanic Forest Garden ESGRAVATADOURO, Cooperativa do Ambiente CRL. (fiscal no. 516 066 951) work for free. We plan to protect young trees with sprinklers and rain water. Check https://www.eco123.info/crowdfunding for daily updates. Become a forest sponsor. Now is the time to subscribe to ECO123.

Many thanks.

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