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Digital replacement copy during the Covid-19 pandemic

Dear Readers,
We are all living in times of great change, when we find ourselves focusing on the values that are important in our lives. For this reason, ECO123 will join you in addressing these questions through both its web page and an online edition of its magazine in PDF. Our Spring Edition No. 29 is currently being prepared, but it will only be printed, distributed and sent to all our subscribers once the Covid-19 pandemic comes to an end in Portugal and Europe, something that is not happening now, due to forces beyond our control. Indeed, this situation is likely to persist for some weeks. Informed scientific opinion predicts the peak of the pandemic will be in May.

Meanwhile, we are publishing news, reports, interviews and comments through this online medium. As of today, all subscribers to our magazine’s printed edition will have access to the online version of ECO123 without any additional cost. Our team of journalists, Dina Adão, Alexandre Moura, Sue Hall, Francisco Pedro, Sonya Odenvik-Cunningham, and many more, will take turns in posting comments online for you. In the same way, we will also be publishing readers’ letters online. Now, there is no shortage of time. Write to us with your opinions on such questions as, for example, “Will we be able to mitigate climate change due to the coronavirus?”, or “How can we do more with less?”

The new spring edition of ECO123 will be available to you in PDF format by the end of April, before the printed version is sent – as usual – to your home address. This latter edition will only come out once the coronavirus pandemic is over. This is a matter of safety for everyone, for you, dear readers, and for our colleagues, too.

We thank you for your understanding and hope that everyone stays healthy.

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