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Nº 52 – A new cooperative ESGRAVATADOURO CRL

Saturday 12 th September 2020

Yesterday the ECO123 team founded the new cooperative ESGRAVATADOURO CRL. The aim of this organisation is to offer individuals a simple and effective solution to enable them to become active against climate change. To this end, the KYOTO climate protection platform has been developed, where users can find out about their possibilities of influencing climate change and becoming directly active.

In order to ensure that the effects of climate change that are already underway can be controlled for future generations and that the basis of human life continues to exist, it is necessary to rethink and act immediately. Not only businesses and industry, but also private individuals can and must reduce their CO2 emissions in order to achieve the United Nations’ 1.5 ° C target.

Alfredo Cunhal - Montado
Alfredo Cunhal

Journalist Uwe Heitkamp, member of the new ESGRAVATADOURO, Cooperativa do Ambiente CRL and co-founder of the New EDEN Botanical Garden in Caldas and Monchique, explains: “We are seeing a growing awareness of climate protection in the population. Many people want to take action against the climate change, but there is no simple and effective solution to do so. ECO123 magazine has been supporting client companies for more than seven years with basic information on how to calculate, reduce and offset their emissions. We now want to make this experience of climate protection accessible to individuals and we are therefore launching the second team on https://kyoto.eco123.info as an initiative to achieve the 1.5 ° C objective “.

Fernanda Botelho

With KYOTO as the initiator, the cooperative can draw on a great deal of wisdom when it comes to collecting and calculating emissions data, knowledge of climate protection technologies and the reliable and transparent development of climate protection projects. One is the new EDEN botanical forest garden, near Caldas de Monchique.


The KYOTO platform and the new EDEN forest will launch a crowdfunding campaign in Portugal in November with the aim of sensitising people to plant indigenous trees. In order to give the initiative the necessary influence, television journalist and botanist Fernanda Botelho and Organic farmer Alfredo Cunhal Sendim have been attracted for the project. Together with the other co-founders of the cooperative, Carlos Abafa, Stefanie Kreutzer, Penny and Tim Coombs, they will drive the development of the New Botanical Garden.

Uwe Heitkamp (60)

trained TV journalist, book author and hobby botanist, father of two grown-up children, has lived in Monchique Portugal for 30 years, founder of ECO123.

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