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One more word please…

Dear Reader,

Life goes on. We are all slowly finding our way back to so-called normality, which will undoubtedly be very different to what it was before the country declared a State of Emergency. We are all faced with the task of tackling the greatest challenge ever to have confronted humanity: how to solve the problems of the climate crisis now. In this respect, we wish to say THANK YOU for reading ECO123.

As from today, Monday 4 May, we are preparing to return to your homes, once more, in printed form, but we will also continue to be available to you online. This means that, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, we will continue to offer you the short story here, in this digital format. But that is not all. Every Saturday, we will publish “The Best of ECO123” in the same place – in the form of a substantial report or a lengthy interview. And this will continue to be available to you free of charge. Because our vocation is journalism, writing and the transfer of information.

For some time now, we have also been working behind the scenes on our next and latest issue of the printed magazine, no. 29. This will have the title “To have or to be?” and will bring you many new ideas in the form of interesting interviews, special reports and news stories. We have been using this time of isolation valuably, and we will have some new sections for you in the next issue. There is also a new and enlarged version of our Green Pages.

For example: if you are looking for a plot of land on which to start your own organic farm, if you are looking for a tractor or traditional seeds, if you are looking for further training and education and want to participate in a permaculture course or practise yoga and meditation with others, if you want to develop your lifestyle or if you want to start a meat-free diet now or later … we have created a new forum for you. And the second season of KYOTO will soon begin. As a subscriber, you can already sign up for this now. Stay tuned. We are always here for you: today and tomorrow.

Uwe Heitkamp

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