KYOTO is the climate protection game using an online bank account. You can check your CO2 emissions and calculate your ecological footprint for a year.
Everyone knows that things are starting to get serious as regards emissions and climate change. People who just listen to the weather forecast and think nothing of the fact that, again and again every year, we have seen

  • the hottest summer,
  • the warmest winter,
  • the most chaotic rainfall,
  • the highest levels of flooding in spring and
  • the wildest storms

since meteorological records began, should not be surprised if soon

  • the roof of their house is blown away or a tree crashes through the roof of their car,
  • their cellar is full of water or
  • they are caught in the next heatwave or the next forest fire.

Kyoto is a possible solution. Not just talking but doing something, not just pointing a finger at others but starting with oneself, not downplaying it, but raising one’s own awareness.


KYOTO measures your ecological footprint.


Tomorrow is another day no longer applies. What awaits us if today we close our eyes to tomorrow and keep going in the same way as yesterday, as if nothing had happened? Play KYOTO, because it is only through the game that we will learn to understand that we ourselves are the change that we always demand from others. Less stress, fewer CO2 emissions, less throwing away – instead – greater happiness, more time for yourself and your family, and the development of a shared, sustainable, future-proof outlook.

If you are waiting for a law on climate protection, you’ll have a long wait. Your climate protection can start with KYOTO, where you can calculate how many kilos of CO2 you are releasing into the atmosphere and how to reduce that.

Once a week is best, e.g. on a Saturday. You are given your bonus of 3,000 kyotos, which corresponds to 3,000 kg of CO2. You have to make that last for a year. You start the game with your monthly electricity bill and enter the CO2 value in the form of your bank account. You continue by listing the number of kilometres you have travelled each week. Whether you go on holiday by car, train or plane, your KYOTO calculator will subtract the amounts from your bonus. How many litres of rubbish did you recycle last week? What did you buy, and where and how? What do you do with the money you have saved? What was last week like for you? Are you happy? The winner of the game is the person who has the highest remaining credit balance at the end of the year.
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