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Money and Love

At some point I decided to no longer allow money to occupy such a prominent position in my life. I try to remain true to myself and not do anything for money that I wouldn’t do without receiving money for it. This is not the same thing as renouncing money completely. I do have to have something to live on. And I too love to be paid fairly for what I do. However, I don’t want to be a wage slave, I don’t want to sell myself, my work and the time available to me in this life so I …

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I’m keeping an eye on you

At the last municipal elections, I made a mistake. After having chosen the wrong candidate in the two previous electoral periods (since the policies that they adopt in practice are only recognised much later), at the last elections I didn’t even vote. I thought to myself that, when you have to choose between a bad candidate and an even worse candidate, it’s better to stay at home or put on a yellow vest and go down to the town hall to open some windows (see what happened in France), so that some fresh air can enter the offices where bureaucracy …

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