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The 10 nicest presents from Monchique

First Idea:
Felted scarf made of merino wool €65
Handmade creations made of merino, mohair, Wensleydale wool and silk.

Cachecol de feltro lã Merino

Felt is one of the oldest techniques in the world for making clothing. For my handcrafted products, I only use the best and finest merino wool, together with silk and other natural materials. My work is based on traditions that have been handed down to me. In their sustainability, the colours of the wool respect the natural world in accordance with OEKO-TEX Standard™100.

Cachecol de feltro
The roots of creativity are to be found in everyone. My ideas come from everywhere. The things I see around me influence me subconsciously. For more than 300 days a year, I am surrounded by a bright blue sky, colourful flowers, the ocean-green Atlantic. Inspiration is the magic moment. The smell and touch of the wool influence me. Felt awakens the sensuous side in me. I become one with the material. At the end, my very own creations emerge from this journey into freedom: hats, clothing, scarves, bags and accessories.




Feltro luvas
“Atelier Maria Custódio”
Largo do Chorões 14 A, Monchique, Telefone +351 96 33 55 975

Second Idea:

DSC_2232A wicker basket (see photo) with a bottle of medronho brandy, a jar of honey and a kilo of genuine organic lemons from Monchique, therapy against colds in winter … €37

Loja do Mel e do Medronho, Tlf.: 967 735 783



Third Idea:

Chouriço e PresuntoA wicker basket with 250g of ham, a chouriça sausage and a small jar of original piri piri (see photo) … €22

Talhos Idália Duarte e Evangelista de Oliveira


Fourth Idea:

compotasA small wicker basket with three jars of jam – one each of quince, wild forest berry and fig – by Julinha from Monchique  … €22

Loja do Mel e do Medronho, Tlf.: 967 735 783


Fifth Idea:

Ceramica Leonel TeloHandcrafted ceramics by the craftsman Leonel Telo worth €35


Artesanato Fóia,  Tlf.: 914 240 595

Sixth Idea:

Cadeiras de tesoura Comfortable scissor chair with back-rest by José Leonardo for the price of €75

José Leonardo, Tlf.: 282 911 071


Seventh Idea:

Genuine leather crafts: moccasins, waistcoat, belt (see photo) by João Mascarenhas Furtado priced at between € 24 and €85
roupa em peleDSC_2265.resizedDSC_2264.resizedDSC_2266.resizedDSC_2263.resized

Artesanato Fóia, 918 476 094

Eighth Idea:

Vime6Beautiful basket, a glass bottle covered in wickerwork (vime), a closed bread basket or similar (see photos) direct from the basket maker José Inácio Rosa between €15 and €35

José Inácio Rosa, 964 492 292 | 282 911 459


Ninth Idea:

A handmade designer piece of furniture made of chestnut wood (table, bed, cupboard or similar) from MONCHIMÓVEIS between € 75 and € 2,500


Monchimóveis, 926 456 591 | 966 296 467



Tenth Idea:


• A voucher for a typical Monchique lunch, for Christmas, New Year or for other special occasions for two people

• A voucher for one hour of yoga with Vedanta Saraswati in Monchique

• A voucher for a weekend for two at the Spa Hotel Caldas de Monchique

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