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Freedom of speech

Saturday 4th November 2023. Did you know that we’re currently celebrating our anniversary? It was in 2013 that we published the first edition, and right now we are working on the printed edition, at the same time as appearing online, too, on a weekly basis, every Saturday. In the autumn of 2023, we are doing all this without so-called SOCIAL media. You might well ask why ECO123 has not been using, nor felt the need to use, so-called „SOCIAL Media“ over the past ten years. Dear Readers What and who would you say is truly SOCIAL? We really should take …

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In question

Edition #26 Nowadays, journalists should know that we are facing a profound crisis. This crisis can only be overcome if we properly inform our readers, writing stories that convey basic truths. We need success stories with answers — or ones that search for answers – to address the pressing questions of our times. We need well-told stories, ones that consider reality in its entirety, and present a coherent vision. That’s why we haven’t interviewed António Costa yet. Not yet. That which is abstract, we must make comprehensible. It is not enough to talk about electric cars and airplanes — we …

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We’re looking for the first 100 heroes defending the climate

Editorial #25 Dear readers, What must be done so that we can all live comfortably on our planet Earth? We know that our lives depend on the resources that Nature can provide, the amount that we extract and consume, and the way in which we do this without causing harm to future generations. Food, clothing, energy, mobility, building materials and much more besides. This leads us to the concept of the ecological footprint. The ecological footprint of a person living in Portugal is 5.3 tons of CO2.* What does this figure tell us? When I read this for the first …

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