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What more is needed?

Cochonnes. The important opinion of the Chief Engine Driver of Portuguese Railways. Is Manuel Queiró perhaps afraid of saying something wrong? The new CEO of the railway company, who replaced retiree José Benoliel at the top of CP at the beginning of the year, is in permanent seclusion and saying nothing. Since February, he has stubbornly refused to give us his opinion about the future of Portuguese railways within the European rail system. Does he have his own opinion on the topic of privatisation? No comment. On modernisation, on investments, on debt reduction? No idea. On further redundancies or on the appointment of more staff? Speechless. What is his strategy for increasing passenger numbers? Silence.

In February, March, April, July and again in August, ECO123 invited the former CDS/PP parliamentarian to an exclusive interview covering several pages. The Chief Engine Driver evaded the initial requests by leaving them answered. Shadow boxing. Then he took his time, and asked first of all to study the spring and summer editions of our magazine carefully. Accepted. It is important to get your bearings. Appointment times suggested by phone went by, and were also unanswered. Then he had his press spokesperson Ana Portela answer a registered letter with recorded delivery, saying that “despite the relevance, importance and topicality of the theme (mobility), owing to his media diary, it was not opportune (for Manuel Queiró) to consider giving an interview”. Bla. Bla. Bla. Is it possible that the Chief Engine Driver of Portuguese Railways has nothing to say, because he hasn’t got anything to say?

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