How To Play?

As a subscriber to ECO123 you have an exclusive area with your bank account. If you want to subscribe to ECO123 you can do it now. You find the coupon at the menu “subscription”.

To play KYOTO is just like real life.  You work and later in the month your salary is transferred into your bank account. You need money when you go to buy food and you pay with your debit card at the shop till. The money is immediately debited from your bank account. Also when you go on holiday by plane, you need money; you make a transfer or use your credit card. When driving to work and putting fuel in your car, or buying a ticket for the train, bus, or underground you use money and it is taken from your account.

Electricity, water and telephone bills arrive in your home at the end of every month, the gas bill, the Municipal Property Tax (IMI = Council Tax) or you may have to pay rent. The balance of your account continues to go down.  When buying a ticket for the cinema or a football game, for the theatre or a concert. Every move you make costs you money. Over a year your account is in a constant state of rise and fall.

So anything is possible with your online KYOTO bank account because here for a change, it is not money that counts but something much more important CO2, your emissions into the atmosphere of our own planet Earth.

Have you ever thought about every journey you make by car, plane, bus, train, underground and so on. Every purchase you make, every trip, every action and just day to day living, cooking, watching television, surfing the internet and listening to music etc., not only does it cost money but it also has other consequences. It has an impact on something, which in your everyday life, you don’t usually think about.

It causes global warming through the burning of fossil fuels.  Do you have any idea of how much greenhouse gas is generated by human being per year? KYOTO can calculate exactly the kilos of carbon used. When playing the KYOTO game, it is entirely your responsibility, to slow down climate change with the huge wave of summer heat and forest fires, prevent droughts, storms and avoid the devastating rains which cause landslides. You have to decide if you can manage with 3,000 points.  If you live in harmony with nature, you will win the game of your life.

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