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Test Drive – Hyundai KAUAI EV

Electric cars are considered one of the main solutions for reducing carbon emissions in transport. They are appearing in increasing numbers on the roads, but it’s important to look at various factors when purchasing a car for yourself. ECO123 set off into the world of 100% electric vehicles and sat behind the wheel to test three different models: the Hyundai Kauai EV, the Nissan Leaf and the Renault Zoe.   The Peaceful Revolution There is little doubt that the future of sustainable mobility lies in the electrification of the transport sector. The need to reduce our carbon footprint, along with …

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Combustion engine cars versus electric cars
Your days are numbered

A change of course? Certainly. From this edition onwards, ECO123 will have a piece dedicated to transport. Three well-known politicians also sought to set their own course on Wednesday 13 May. In this final phase of the first wave of Covid-19, they went to visit the Autoeuropa factory in Palmela. But we haven’t forgotten about the fraudulent software that was installed in millions of Volkswagen diesel cars. It led to a wave of lawsuits being brought worldwide against the German automobile industry. We will cover the development of this story with reports on our website. And we understand that it …

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Test drive NISSAN LEAF – Portugal’s top choice

The Nissan Leaf 40 kWh N-Connecta was the most comfortable car of the three models tested by ECO123, which included the Hyundai Kauai EV and the Renault Zoe. Its selection of features has made this vehicle the top choice of Portuguese buyers where 100% electrically-powered vehicles are concerned. The Nissan Leaf has been strengthening its lead in Portugal among fully electric cars. This model, the market leader, has registered an increase in sales in Portugal. In 2018, 1593 units were sold, while in 2019, the number of sales increased to 1639 cars. This allowed the model to remain in first …

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Zero Emission

ZERO EMISSIONS. The plane SOLARIMPULSE 2 and its pilot Bertrand Piccard are at present flying from west to east high about the Atlantic. Since take-off in New York, one day, nine hours, 17 minutes and 52, 53, 54, 55 … have elapsed. The destination is Europe. In close to four days – on Thursday, 23rd June – he is planning to land his plane in Seville. But why in Seville and not in Faro? Why in Spain and not in Portugal? Have those responsible at Faro airport and in the RTA tourist board once again failed to read the signs of the times? While people are …

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