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Helping dogs and cats?

Saturday, 24th february 2024. In the light of current events, we’d like to postpone our story about the Navigator Company until next week and take the opportunity to ask what happens when a need is greater than the services on offer? What happens when an association looking after a town’s abandoned and sick animals, dogs and cats, providing them with food, shelter and medical attention, runs out of money, as the task is proving simply too big and the need far greater than can be remedied with the funds that the association has available? This situation leaves only two possibilities: …

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Thank you

  In the night of Sunday, 5 August 2018, a swath of fire crawled over the Picota peak, from the north to the south of the Algarve, up the entire mountain and back again, destroying our beautiful mixed forest and gardens in Esgravatadouro near Caldas de Monchique on the southern side. Friends helped us fight the fire with buckets and hoses. Some of the fires would keep flaring up, but we didn’t give in nor did we accept to be evacuated. When the police did evacuate us we returned half an hour later to continue fighting the fire. No fire …

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Monchique, with a Future

Things are taking more time. Those who didn’t have any fire insurance last year, when the fire reduced the forest and 71 dwellings to ashes, now have to have the patience of a saint. There are those in Monchique who are really seeing themselves tested. There have been only three houses in the meantime that have had approval from the insurance to be rebuilt. The rest depend on the IHRU Government program. Will it be carried out? Most of the victims feel doubly beaten down and discriminated against by the bureaucracy of the whole process. Victims have to fill out …

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Hope for a cultural heritage

I have been observing the Portuguese book market for a quarter of a century, having a look at new publications in fiction and non-fiction. I find most books offered by the traditional publishers, if you’ll forgive my saying so, rather boring: the selection of topics, as well as the style of writing and layout, are often old-fashioned. I sometimes wonder why so few young authors manage to produce their own books. Because it is in books that we realise our ideas and dreams, and tell our stories. Good books were always exciting and inspired other people – and were also …

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Who made your clothes?

Often, as a journalist, you consider whether you are doing others and yourself a favour when you subject them to the glare of publicity. This applies especially to people who are still developing, and to reports that give credit to good things and criticise things that are not so good. At the Portuguese Crowdfunding PPL, I notice a project belonging to two young men, called Orus-Clothing. It is run by Francisco Duarte and Pedro Gonçalves, both aged 21. They both live and work in Santarém. I study the project at http://ppl.com.pt/pt/prj/vestuario-orus. The website www.orusclothing.com is professionally produced. In their advertising …

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Go Humanitarian

Crowdfunding is a means of obtaining funding for ideas for new businesses and products that has been developing faster and faster since 2006 (reward crowdfunding). But it can also be used for funding social, humanitarian and charity projects (donation crowdfunding). Here, ECO123 presents one or more selected projects that are looking for funding. A crowdfunding project describes exactly what it is about. It is often combined with a film that introduces the maker and project visually. A business plan explains exactly who wants to finance what, as well as how, why, where and for how long. In general, there is …

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A house on wheels: LusiTiny

LusiTiny is an ecological house made of wood and built on wheels, adopting the new living concept of the “tiny house”, much in vogue these days worldwide. The LusiTiny project is being carried out by UpWood. This company is a pioneer in the concept of “upcycling”, that is making optimum use of obsolete materials for ecological, self-contained construction. Focusing on the use of wood for construction and with portability as its trump card, LusiTiny is an idea that offers the comfort of a normal home but that can be taken everywhere. Designed to be self-contained, this house is a very …

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Seedrs is a new English online platform in Portugal (from London) for discovering and investing in startup companies. That platform makes it possible for people to invest as much or as little as someone like in the startups they choose through a simple, online process. Seedrs let startup businesses raise seed capital seamlessly from friends, family, members of their communities and independent investors. Two core objectives: Transform the startup world by giving entrepreneurs a platform to leverage their friends, family and existing base of supporters to collectively raise investment. These investors represent a large new pool of capital and can …

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Hand Touching Color Code Board

Make an idea a reality.

The universe is full of colours. If we are fortunate enough to appreciate them, we can see more than 30,000 colours. And we cannot only see them, we are also guided by them. They help us communicate and understand the world around us. Still, we all know someone who suffers from some kind of visual impairment that prevents them from perceiving colours fully or partially. Even if we don’t, it’s not hard to imagine how it feels. Visually impaired people are not only blind people, but also those who are colour blind, partially sighted, have cataracts, glaucoma, or low vision: people …

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