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A house on wheels: LusiTiny

LusiTiny is an ecological house made of wood and built on wheels, adopting the new living concept of the “tiny house”, much in vogue these days worldwide.

The LusiTiny project is being carried out by UpWood. This company is a pioneer in the concept of “upcycling”, that is making optimum use of obsolete materials for ecological, self-contained construction.

tinyhouse PPL crowdfundingFocusing on the use of wood for construction and with portability as its trump card, LusiTiny is an idea that offers the comfort of a normal home but that can be taken everywhere. Designed to be self-contained, this house is a very ecological solution because of its size and the way it is made, and a very economical one because it needs no licensing and can be placed in green areas without a problem.

This brilliant idea arose from the dreams and efforts of Carolina Marques in collaboration with Kelly Martins. But as good ideas never get off the drawing board without financing, they were tirelessly given financial, materials and technical support by the joinery and carpentry business Marques im Viseu.

But the two architects now need some additional investment to conclude the project they began and they are turning to the crowdfunding platform PPL. With little time left until the end of the campaign to raise the €3,150 they need, they are appealing to everyone’s goodwill to successfully complete this initiative, which comes to an end at 18.00 on 30/06/2015.

Of the sum this campaign is hoped to raise, €2,000 will be invested in the purchase of two solar panels and equipment for storing and transforming the electricity, thus making LUSITINY self-sufficient in terms of energy. The remaining €1,000 will be to buy 100m2 of cork for interior cladding, thus creating very effective and natural thermal insulation. And of course it’s 100% Portuguese.

In order to share the vision that people must live responsibly and with awareness so as to preserve natural resources, and that a change of paradigm is inevitable, ECO 123 suggests that this project should be supported.

The project is scheduled to end in August 2015, and those in charge of the project are offering rewards for any support ranging from the name of the supporter pyroengraved on the first unit to be produced to dinner and an overnight stay at LUSITINY.

This project can be consulted in greater detail, and supported, on the PPL website at the address: PPL lusitiny-a-casa-sobre-rodas.

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