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ABO Invest AG – low-risk, safe portfolio

The German company ABO Invest AG operates plants across Europe for the climate-friendly production of electricity and heat. The main focus is on wind power. At present, the company owns 62 wind energy plants in France (28), Germany (18), Ireland (14) and Finland (2).  The current generating capacity is 132 megawatts.

Thanks to continual revenue, the value of the company is growing steadily. The goal is to increase its value by around seven percent a year. The transparent presentation of economic conditions is contributing to the fact that the share price is rising in a similar manner on the stock exchange. So far this has been successful. The management uses spare liquidity to set up new wind farms. In addition to revenue from current business activities, funds from capital increases serve to expand the portfolio.

In 2015, ABO Invest AG produced and sold 318 million kilowatt hours of electricity. Production increased by 58 percent in comparison with the previous year. It was above all the seven wind parks that ABO Invest had started operating in the previous 24 months that contributed to the good growth. In addition, the wind supply was better than in the previous year.

Especially successful last year were the newly acquired Finnish wind farm (plus ten percent) and the Irish wind farm Glenough (plus five percent). “2015 once again confirmed that our strategy of regional dispersion is working out,” said executive board member Andreas Höllinger. “What is also pleasing is that Haapajärvi, our first Finnish project, has started so well.”

At present, in the spring of 2016, ABO Invest shares are worth €1.47. If you analyse the graph covering the past five years, you will notice that the share price was €1.05 in 2011. And it’s on an upward trend.

SIN:    DE000A1EWXA4
Code:    ABO.dus


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