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Nº 1 – Donation, investment or gift?

This year, Christmas will be coming to Monchique two weeks earlier than usual. For one simple reason. The crowdfunding campaign of the association Monchique Alerta – Serra livre de Incêndios (Monchique Alert – Mountains free from Fire), which you can find out all about at https://ppl.pt/monchique-com-futuro, ends at 6 pm on Monday 9 December. The presents will be delivered straight afterwards.

After last year’s catastrophic forest fires, ECO123 decided to support the association in its crowdfunding campaign. For each donation of ten euros (10€) invested in the building of four large cisterns to improve the conditions for fighting fires in Monchique, ECO123 awards a year’s free subscription to its magazine online. How about surprising your friends and relatives by offering them a subscription for Christmas?

And you’ll find lots of other ideas for Christmas gifts to choose from, when you make a donation to this project. An ideal romantic Christmas present would be a dinner for two, in Monchique, up to the amount of 50€ (you can choose your own date) or a weekend (one night) in guest rooms as a reward for 100€. Or you can also choose a hike through the countryside, devoted to a specific theme (e.g. mushrooms and truffles, the secret life of trees, among others) during our International Walking Week; or else offer a workshop at a cheesemaker’s factory where the traditional goat’s cheese is produced.

Please visit the website https://ppl.pt/monchique-com-futuro and choose your gift before Christmas arrives on 9 December 2019. Thank you!!

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