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Light at the end of the tunnel

ffsolar-crewFF Solar Lda. from Aljezur, which has been based in southwest Portugal since 1989, has won the Energy Globe National Award 2013 for its product Home Kit Solution For African Countries (Angola). The annual prize is awarded to initiatives and projects in 160 countries which devote their efforts to energy efficiency, renewable energies and resource conservation. Every prize-winning project sends a message of hope and inspiration out into the world and points the way towards a sustainable future, says Maneka Gandhi, the Indian chair of the environmental initiative.

The FF Solar Lda. kit, which is supplied to Angola among other places, includes at least three key components: a solar panel with five modules, a Li-battery (7000 mAh) and a lamp with a cable. (see photo) In addition, a torch, a radio and a mobile phone can be plugged into it. The basic kit costs € 80 (100 USD) and was designed for rural areas in Africa. The kit replaces traditional generators and produces enough clean electricity for a family’s energy needs.




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