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The Association ‘Campo Aberto’ (literally “Open Countryside”), based in Porto, is an association for protecting the environment that aims to debate and promote the exercise of citizenship in the environmental field, focusing on natural, rural and urban aspects. This organisation brings together everyone who has an interest in and is concerned about environmental matters.

José Marques
José Marques

José Marques was born in Porto and is 70 years of age. He is currently the president of the Associação Campo Aberto. He has been participating in ecological movements in Portugal since 1974. “It is an association that works in different fields, but which pays close attention both to the nature that exists in cities, in aspects of urban development, and in aspects of the rural world. It is thus focuses on urban problems on the one hand, and on rural matters on the other,” he explains.

The objectives of this association are to protect the environment and conserve nature. Special emphasis is given to different areas of action, such as the identification of serious threats with major consequences, and the promotion of the study and dissemination of currents of thought that contribute to an ecological perspective. They also search for alternatives to polluting technologies, and the promotion of sustainable development projects for upgrading urban and rural areas, through the use of technological and social alternatives with low impact on the environment.

According to José Marques, associations for “the protection of the environment or aspects related to this topic, are always necessary. And the more that exist the better.”

‘Campo Aberto’ works in the Porto region and nearby areas, and has around 200 members. They work in society through various awareness-raising campaigns linked to environmental topics, through the media, through debates and environmental education.

The association continues to work “on the basis of volunteers, with around 20% of the members being mobilised for events. The remaining members are more passive,” José Marques explains.

‘Campo Aberto’ recently registered on the platform of the Rede Convergir network, with the aim of working together with associations that carry out similar initiatives and work on matters relating to environmental problems.

The feedback from this network of projects is not frequent yet because, according to José Marques, “they only registered a short time ago.”

This organisation also aims to broaden its sphere of action and continue to encourage the registration of new members and collaborators who are interested in this field.

For more information:
Name: José Carlos Marques
Email: jcdcm@sapo.pt
Telephone: 918527653

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