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Pedro Gonçalves
Pedro Gonçalves | Mercearia Bio

From the land to your table

“We are what we eat” – but this raises an important question. There’s no time any more to seek out what is best, and people shop in hypermarkets as a matter of convenience. This is what lay behind Pedro Gonçalves’s business idea, which he called “Mercearia Bio” (the organic grocery). This is a concept based on an online shop, where you can look and order from the comfort of your home, but it also focuses on proximity between producer, distributor and consumer. All of this means that you can be just one click away from having certificated organic produce delivered to your door.


ECO123 asks

Fátima Torres, producer, Lagos
What do you think of the idea of the Organic Grocery?
I think it’s very interesting; people can have the products delivered at home. And then it is also good to bridge the gap between the producer and the consumer.

Pedro Gonçalves, distributor and owner, Portimão
Is proximity and trust between producers, distributors and end consumers the future?
People’s concern is freshness, and the closer the better because the environmental footprint is smaller and the local economy develops. This symbiosis leads to confidence in an improved product and at a better price.

Alison Fayers Kerr, consumer, Aljezur
Why should people opt for this kind of service?
I prefer it like this, I can be certain that I have good products and I like to support Portuguese producers and I order on the internet at whatever time is convenient. I think this is the future.

see video from ECO TV – From the land to your table

Rua 25 de Abril, 45A, Companheira – 8500-321 Portimão
Tel.: 282 476 686 Mobile: 961 563 777 (Pedro Gonçalves) | 927 420 701 (Nuno Sequeira)
Email: mb@merceariabio.pt
Webpage: http://www.merceariabio.pt



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