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In a spirit of cooperation and in an integrated and inclusive manner, this association works for sustainability and personal and community development. Its philosophy can be summarised in three simple ideas based on the ethics of permaculture: 1) CARING FOR NATURE Total respect for, and the conservation of, all living things enable holistic cycles to be generated. These sustain the biodiversity that is necessary for the earth to remain balanced and capable of generating the biocapacity that allows for life on earth; 2) CARING FOR PEOPLE It is not possible to care well for people (starting with ourselves) without caring for …

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Terra do Milho

A system inspired by natural ecosystems – permaculture – has been attracting the attention of a number of people who wish to create a sustainable form of life in order to produce their own food. Eco123 went to see one of these projects located in Monchique that is registered with the Rede Convergir network. The project ‘Terra do Milho’ (Land of Maize) was created by Monique Volkers, aged 52, and her husband, Tom Stobbelar, aged 59, who have been working independently since 2010. “My parents bought a piece of land and I came to Portugal, now I am working here …

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Investments in a new ECO system

The prices for paper raw material from eucalyptus are falling. Last month, woodcutters in Portugal were working day after day to chop down as much eucalyptus as possible to be paid the old price of between 38 and 40 euros per tonne by Portucel/Soporcel. Now the prices are below 30 euros per tonne and there are far too many eucalyptus forests in the country. What will happen to them now? There is a lot of supply, but demand is low. This is good for the paper producer Portucel/Soporcel, but bad for the forest and land owners who are geared toward …

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Inland, a Future With Life

Pathways to restoring a non-tourism dependent Algarve. The small village of Ameixial1, located in the council of Loulé, hosted the presentation ceremony for the final projects resulting from last autumn’s Permaculture Design Course. This presentation counted on the participation of its fifteen students and the attendance of many of the local citizens who, with a certain degree of reluctance but a lot of curiosity, began getting into, observing and questioning the students about the proposals and solutions that they had “designed”. These appeared on posters dotted around the venue and serving to facilitate the explanation and understanding of terms as …

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