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Food and Drink

Tradition at the right pace

A prior warning: if you are the type broadly indifferent to food and prefer to rush through meals quickly, ‘A Charrette’ is not the place for you. This is an establishment where everything takes its respective due time, from preparing and cooking the dishes on the menu, giving (even requiring) space for flavouring the excellent food, taking in the décor and ambience, chatting and enjoying the company. Located in the centre of Monchique, anybody entering immediately notes the traditional and welcoming environment with old (but well treated) wooden furniture and containing a wealth of working or household utensils from times …

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restaurante museum of cuttlefish

Where heritage gets savoured

Museum of Cuttlefish It is impossible to think about cuttlefish without immediately conjuring up the city of Setúbal. Every region has its own particular gastronomy and Setúbal is no exception to that rule. Whilst Lisbon has its grilled sardines, Porto has its tripe à moda do Porto and, when thinking about cuttlefish, and especially fried cuttlefish, we think of Setúbal. However, thus far there was no place to do justice to the presence of cuttlefish in the historical, cultural and economic traditions of the region. Located on Avenida Luísa Todi, right in the heart of Setúbal, the Museum of Cuttlefish …

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Templo Hindu

To eat and pray for more

An old proverb tells us that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In the case of the Templo Hindu in Lisbon, I wouldn’t be surprised if some devotees had started by visiting the canteen. In Lisbon, as throughout the world, there is no shortage of Indian restaurants. But restaurants, Indian or not, are just that: restaurants. A canteen in a Hindu temple, which serves home-made Indian food, is, in comparison, a parallel universe and probably the best way for one’s stomach to visit India without leaving Lisbon. Hinduism is the main religion of India, and nutrition …

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Autumn Flavours

After a scorching summer, the freshness of autumn brings us pleasant and more moderate temperatures. It’s time to put away your short clothes, pull one or two jackets out of the drawers and rediscover some recipes for warming, comforting dishes. Chef Tiago Lopes’s vegetarian suggestions include autumnal colours and intensity, in a perfect combination of flavours for an early evening with friends or family. Use fresh ingredients, whenever possible bought from local, organic producers. Autumn is ideal for good conversations – talk to the farmers, ask for tips for cooking their produce, and perhaps you’ll discover an old family recipe …

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Tao Restaurante Natural

Yin/Yang to try out in Lisbon.

One the last places you think of when people talk about natural foods is Lisbon. Or maybe not, depending on what you include under that heading. For Rui Rato, owner of the restaurant Tao, natural foods imply not only foodstuffs in their unrefined form, but also a harmonious combination of each ingredient, taking into account the effect of the whole on body, mind and spirit of each individual. It is exactly with this in mind that each client puts together their own dish, which is what you’d expect in a restaurant whose name is derived from Taoism. In this Chinese …

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Rendezvous Monchique.

Amid a sea of restaurants, they tower up like lighthouses. Vegetarian and vegan cuisine has a lonely time alongside myriad fish and meat dishes. But meat-free meals are what’s best for both body and soul. They taste fantastic … once you know how to prepare them. And there are some basic rules to observe when you go shopping; all foodstuffs should come from local, organic and ecological producers, be whole-grain products, untreated as far as possible, and seasonally harvested. Vegetable pizza, potato stew with chick peas, pasta with cherry tomatoes and rocket, or the famous quiche Lorraine, a brightly coloured …

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