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Reuse, reduce and recycle

ECO123: Is it difficult to live in Monchique or is it easy? Jeremy: It is easier than it used to be. We were the first foreigners to arrive here. The reception of foreigners is much better than it used to be. Economically it is more difficult nowadays. It means that basically today you have to spend more time working as a percentage of your general time than before. I do gardening and computer work. I first studied electronics in Portimão and then I did a professional course in Faro. When I was younger, electronics was my interest. My father was …

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Giacomo Scalisi

What is the value of culture?

Could culture survive without being dependent on subsidies? Giacomo Scalisi has been working for a number of years as an actor, artistic director and cultural programmer, and during his career he has worked on different projects, in different theatre companies and on the organisation of international festivals. In 1998, he came to Portugal to join the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) as a cultural programmer for theatre and new circus, leaving here in 2008. At present he runs his own projects in the field of artistic production. This Portugal-based Italian recognises that culture depends on subsidies for its survival, but …

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António Vieira da Silva

António Vieira da Silva
A citizen has the right to live with the minimum

Voted the favourite member of the government by the Portuguese in the Eurosondagem public opinion poll at the start of this year, the Minister of Employment, Solidarity and Social Security believes that the Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a fascinating and challenging topic, but also that it is closer to utopia than to reality. José António Vieira da Silva, aged 65, supports a social model governed by the right to work and the entitlement to the corresponding retirement subsidy, and he fears that the introduction of the UBI model, which has been widely disseminated, could create a ‘bipolar’ society divided …

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Nazaré Cabral

Rethinking the whole social security system

As a lecturer and researcher at the Centro de Investigação de Direito Económico, Financeiro e Fiscal (Research Centre on Economic, Financial and Fiscal Law) of the Faculty of Law in Lisbon, Nazaré Cabral has worked for two decades in areas such as Social Security, Public Finance and Economic and Monetary Union. She has written a large number of works in these areas since 200 and a member of the Scientific Committee of the 17th BIEN Congress. She regards the UBI as an “appealing measure”, but is hesitant about its implementation, saying that it is necessary to weigh up the “implications …

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Francisco Guerreiro

Man is born to create …

The party Pessoas Animais e Natureza (People, Animals and Nature – PAN) was the only one to include the Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) in its manifesto and it raised the issue for discussion in the Assembleia da República. Francisco Guerreiro, the national political commissioner of PAN, believes that the UBI has the basis to respond to a new economic model. Still without having defined a project for its implementation, this party has promoted parliamentary debate about the issue. ECO123: Is the UBI a key policy for PAN at present? F.G.: It is a debate that needs to be had in …

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Modern Times

The year is 2020. There’s no one sleeping in the streets in Portugal any more. No one has to stand queuing in the soup kitchens of the charitable associations. The beggars have disappeared. The universal basic income in the Welfare State of the 21st century has arrived in southern Europe. Portugal, the smallest of the five southern EU countries, has decided to provide each of its citizens with a basic income. The EU’s pilot project is beginning. Prime Minister António Costa and his government, which has had a stable majority in a coalition in parliament with PAN since the last …

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The scene with long queues and lots of elderly people in the post office is repeated every month. More than a dozen people stand there in a queue and wait for their pensions. Most of them receive a sum that is way below €400. The money is paid to them in cash, and counted out in public before being handed over. The post office clerk counts the money out to the pensioner: ten, 20, 30 euros, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred euros, and then the money is stuck in the envelope which had previously contained the payment slip from …

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Think Pink
Head for a healthy, vegan, culinary spring with lots of colour.

Beetroot and ginger cream soup [gluten free, no milk, suitable for vegans] Starter for 6 People Ingredients: 500 g fresh beetroot 200 g potatoes 1 red onion diced finely 2 cloves garlic 1 green chili pepper 50 g fresh ginger, diced finely 500 ml organic coconut milk, organic 
soya cream or almond milk. 500 ml water Grated peel and juice of two organic 
lemons 4 tbsp. sunflower oil ½ – 1 tsp. fine salt, 1 large pinch ground cloves and caraway, 1 bay leaf, freshly
ground black pepper. Preparation: Peel and chop the beetroot and potatoes. Careful: beetroot stains badly! In …

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Beggar in Lisbon

Support a universal basic income PROSPERITY + FREEDOM

From 25 to 29 September at the Assembleia da República, the Portuguese parliament in Lisbon, scientists and politicians will come together for the World Congress on the Universal Basic Income (http://basicincome.org/) to discuss its introduction. What is a UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME? How does it work? How is it financed? Does it make economic sense? And, above all, is it socially fair? No strong democracy is based on losers. Digitalisation and automation, the abandonment of coal, oil and gas, and the adoption of renewable energy and robot technology are revolutionising our world of work. The world over, these changes will take …

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Blogs take to the smallholdings

What do four bloggers, one organic grocery, one farmer and ten guests do on a wonderful sunny day at Quinta das Seis Marias in Sargaçal, Lagos? They prove that fruits that are treated with respect are those that provide the best final taste. On your plate and in your body. And so, baskets in hand, four culinary bloggers go down to the farm to gather products that, together with those from the Mercearia Bio, they will combine in nearly twelve recipes made exclusively from organic foodstuffs. All the participants are involved in observing, gathering and smelling. Queries about plants such …

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