Sunday, November 17, 2019
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Revolutionary Roads

On Foot To The End Of The World (GB), 60-minute documentary


The film tells the story of a 328-kilometre walk crossing Portugal from Alcoutim to Cape St Vincent. The common thread: over the fortnight, different people crossed the four walkers’ path as they made their way along the old trail of St Vincent. A distiller of medronho firewater, farmers and wine-growers, a chicken farmer, two teachers, a gardener, a retired domestic worker, an olive-oil producer and a shepherd, along with many others. Also appearing in the film is the 82-year-old hermit Manuel Teixeira, the last remaining inhabitant of the dead village of Ferrarias. They paint a picture of their lives in the hills of the serra and the hinterland. The only speakers are ordinary people, and one young town mayor. The film captures profound impressions of natural beauty and human life. Along which path is the future of Portugal to be found?

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