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Documentary “Arrábida - Da Serra ao Mar” (Arrábida – From the Hills to the Sea)

Documentary “Arrábida – Da Serra ao Mar” (Arrábida – From the Hills to the Sea)

Documentaries produced in Portugal focus little on subjects connected with nature. This is one of the main reasons that one should pay tribute to this documentary that rivals the BBC or the National Geographic for quality and portrays the indigenous species of the Serra da Arrábida and the Serra do Pisco in the district of Setúbal. It is the result of four years’ intermittent work to familiarise people with unique species from these areas, such as the snail “caracol-da-arrábida” and the variety of euphorbia “trovisco-do-espichel”. It is also possible to discover booted eagles, foxes and dolphins, or the caves and woods that are typical of the region. Produced by Ricardo Guerreiro from Madeira, a photographer and maker of natural history documentaries, and Luís Quinta, a photographer with a career spanning more than 20 years and many works published in the national press, this is a documentary that is unique on Portuguese television. And it is hoped that the experience will also be repeated.

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