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Back to normal?

What does this mean? ECO123 is keeping a close watch on the ecology and the economy with all sorts of stories behind the stories. For example, tomorrow, Saturday.

2020. We will all remember this year for a long time to come. The safety measures designed to protect our health against the Covid-19 pandemic are gradually being eased. After three months, what we are left with is the wreckage of an old economic system. Most planes will remain grounded for the time being. The car and aviation industries and their suppliers are promoting shorter working hours. Workers are set to be laid off en masse. 250 years of economic growth based on the exploitation of our flora and fauna are coming to an end. A new economic order needs to be found, one that will preserve our resources, offering us genuine recycling and the pursuit of biodiversity.

The concept of sustainability must finally be filled with life. The EU is planning to launch the largest aid and investment programme ever. 750 billion euros are to be provided, and the money is to be invested fairly and in a way that is suitable for the future. The new Green Deal should make our world a better place, slow down climate change and preserve biodiversity. It is all about a strategy for 2030, living without fossil fuels. We can only achieve this together if everyone gets involved.

ECO123 has been taking a look behind the scenes and into the future, and it reports everything to you first-hand: for example, 90 out of 100 tourists will stay at home this year and will therefore not fly on holiday. But that means ten holidaymakers will still come. What does that mean for Portugal and what does it mean for each of us when the flow of tourism dries up? One consequence will be that more water will be available for fewer people in the south of Portugal. Tomorrow, on Saturday, you can read here the essay by Theobald Tiger entitled “I can’t get no Satisfaction!” – the wonderful song by the Rolling Stones.

Have you only just arrived here? Just so you know: every Saturday, the ECO123 short story will continue to appear here online. ECO123 online once a week. Please be with us. And, in the future, you will also be able to read here an interview, a report or an essay by one of our writers. The new ECO123 online, for the weekend, every Saturday, with lots of background information.

The printed version of our new ECO123 magazine will continue to be delivered to your home, or it will be available at the newsstand, just as before, although now it will be even stronger and more vital. It will be coming soon, at the beginning of this summer of 2020. We are currently working hard to create a magazine that is worth reading. If you are not yet a subscriber of ECO123, please become one now.

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