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Saturday 16th September 2023.

Imagine your home bank starting to erect a new building made of glass, becoming transparent.* As in: from today onwards it will publish all available figures, giving detailed information on what it does with your money, the capital of its customers? To start with, it will tell you how it is different from all other banks. It will no longer invest the collected capital of its customers in companies sustaining climate change, the heat and drought of summer: GALP, REPSOL, The Navigator Company… imagine: no more funds for BP, Exxon, ELF totalenergies and so on and so forth. Your money would be divested from all those places where petrol and diesel, gas and coal are burnt, where natural forests are being destroyed, where natural resources are an object of speculation, where wars are raging… In all these places, your investments would be completely reordered. Sounds interesting? Read on.

Every investor is free in their decision where to place their funds or withdraw them. Isn’t it of eminent interest here to effect investments in (private) companies that operate fairly and constructively, respecting those 17 development goals defined by the United Nations and which you may consult at https://goparity.com/organizations/compensation? One reward of investing your money is that you can feel good about it. Not least because those companies are committed to operating sustainably.

Since early 2018, right from the beginning, as it were, the Portuguese GO PARITY crowd-funding investment banking start-up has been exclusively financing projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) defined by the United Nations.

Before starting the financing (crowdlending) for a project, they will conduct a „SDG pairing“, meaning they analyse the numbers and goals of any given project, as well as the risks of any investment they accept to include in their portfolio and go on to present and recommend to their customers. This information is transparent and available on every project page.

So what’s news? The statistics page. https://www.statistics.goparity.com/ now allows a closer look at small and larger-scale investments. Potential investors can take a good look at the projects they will be investing in, what turned out a success story – and what didn’t.

Just as there are people who enjoy reading novels written by Nobel Prize winners there are others who prefer to read statistical data on the economy and finance. We learn that in its short history, GO PARITY has already taken on 305 projects, managing to finance them through crowdfunding. The amount we’re talking about here was 27,601,293 euro. With an average interest of 5.53% per investment paid out. Are you curious to find out which projects are involved and what they produce?

Go PARITY works in Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Great Britain and Ireland), in Africa (Kenya and Uganda), in Latin and South America (Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador).   The new statistics page outlines all investments, giving carefully curated information on how much financing was required for each project and what it was used for. If you have a spare five euro, why not check out what you can do with them. Five euro is the smallest possible financial  commitment at https://www.goparity.com/

Talking of which – all payments, transfers and management of raised funds are effected by MangoPay SA, an electronic financial institute licenced (no. 8711) and supervised by CSFF (Luxembourg’s financial regulator)


For more information, visit: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7102568134087180288


Uwe Heitkamp (62)

trained TV journalist, book author and hobby botanist, father of two grown-up children, knows Portugal for 30 years, founder of ECO123. Translations: Dina Adão, John Elliot, Ruth Correia, Patrícia Lara, Kathleen Becker



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