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State Incentives for Electric Bicycles?

Gradually, new options for mobility are gaining speed. The PAN (People-Animals-Nature Political Party) recognised that the state should promote the purchase of electric bicycles with a 20% incentive up to a maximum of 200 euros in 2019. The only deputy of this small but efficient party in the Lisbon Parliament, André Silva, told us that he wants to take Sweden as an example where, in 2017, € 34 million was invested in the purchase of bicycles, and they will now extend this project for three more years. France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland also offer incentives for the purchase of electric bicycles. In Spain, this option is being discussed and in Portugal we would still have the advantage of being the third largest producer of bicycles in Europe: two million bicycles produced in 2016 guaranteed 5,000 jobs. But who is cycling in Portugal?

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