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Until The End Of The World

The Algarve Way is a long distance footpath that a good walker can finish in fourteen days. The route is not especially challenging but that does not mean it does not need treating with respect. We are trekking from the Spanish border all the way over to the Cape Saint Vincent – a unique crossing of Portugal running some 328 kilometres in length.

We do need to be in relatively good physical shape. Furthermore, it does make sense to wear the right kind of footwear and carry only the essential. In our backpacks, there is only the minimum needed making up the weight that we ourselves are able to bear. Less is more.

We need to be ready for both sun and rain. Whoever brings just a couple of pairs of good walking socks is already on the right track for hiking. After all, anybody getting blisters on their feet, feels them with every step they take and greatly raising the probability of him or her abandoning the route prematurely. Our energies need dividing up over the course of these two weeks.

With each passing day, our two feet tread that little bit more firmly. This fosters self confidence. Later, when we rise to the top of Picota (almost 800 metres in altitude) we for the first time spot the Cape Saint Vincent ahead.

On these guided walk through southern landscapes and their ways of life, we take in mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes, flora and fauna, meet shepherds, foresters and medronho distillers. We gaze at Bonelli’s eagle leisurely soaring above. The aromas of rosemary, the blossoming orange trees and the wild orchids follow us along the trail. We discover our true natural pace in this voyage through time and space. When we reach the End of the world Atlantic waves break below its steep cliffs. Sea infinity. It sometimes becomes difficult to grasp just how far two legs are able to cover.

Next guided walk: 23rd April – 7th May

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