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Nº 49 – The Birthday

Saturday, 22nd August 2020

Good morning, everyone! It’s true, Facebook’s a real devil sometimes, as it warns people when it’s our birthday. 61 – I have lived more than half of my life. I look back and leave an immense trail of gratitude for my life, with no regrets and the certainty that this is just a passage to another dimension, that life and death are two sides of the same coin. I have just two deep wishes: My wish in this life is that I shall live to see the collapse of unbridled and brutal capitalism and witness the blossoming of a society founded on the pillars of justice, love and respect for others. I feel this is already beginning to happen, but still far too slowly.

My other wish for after this life (or as a continuation thereof) is that one day I shall be a tree, so that I can build bridges between heaven and earth, dance with my hair all unkempt on windy and stormy days, fly around transformed into seed, planting myself and growing in other landscapes and other continents, embrace the earth with my deep roots and gently rock birds to sleep in my lap.

I want to be a deciduous tree, a beech, a birch or a lime tree, so that I can shed my leaves every autumn and watch them turn into a carpet, forming fresh humus and food for worms. Life perpetuating LIFE.

I know I will go beyond time one day when I am a tree. Thank you to all the friends who have accompanied me in this adventure of living.

ECO123 wishes our dear colleague from Sintra all the best.

Fernanda Botelho

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