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Nº 87 – Hiking in Portugal

Saturday 15th May 2021

Climate-friendly travel is in everyone’s interest. Many of us are now already planning their next trip. How about a long-distance hike through the natural and cultural landscape of Portugal?  Those who don’t want to forsake their holiday entirely should calculate the CO2 burden resulting from their trip. ECO123 recommends climate-friendly travel by train & bus, by bike and on foot. The Via Algarviana (300 km), the Fisherman’s Trail, part of the Rota Vicentina (223 km) and the Grande Rota Vale do Côa (220 km) for instance are three long-distance hikes out of many different trails on offer. Travel in a climate-friendly way: seven days, two weeks or even longer. The goal here is to just take your time.


ECO123 has many years of experience in travel that is easy on the climate, and hiking. Arriving by coach or train is the most environmentally friendly solution, bearing in mind that the most climate-friendly way to travel should take precedence. We are a magazine and once a year we offer our readers a long-distance trail experience, hiking in a small group. The next opportunity will be in 2022. For an idea of how beautiful this kind of hike can be, take a look at www.via-algarviana.com and www.eco123.info. Those who prefer to hike independently in Portugal might want to watch the short movies (see box) and to take the planning of their hike and reserving the accommodation into their own hands. If you enjoy travelling on foot, why not take a look at the information on the many different opportunities currently on offer through Hiking in Portugal. For instance, you may start the Via Algarviana on the Spanish border at Alcoutim and cross the back country, staying overnight in small local hostelries, eating locally, and reaching Europe’s southernmost cape after 14 stages.

If you’d like more information on the guided long-distance trail in 2022, write a personal email to editor@eco123.info including your contact details. The group size will be around six to eight hikers.




Grande Rota Vicentina


Arrival by train in Lagos

Grande Rota Via Algarviana


Arrival by train in Faro

VIA ALGARVIANA – English – 6 minutes from Paulo Margalho on Vimeo.



Grande Rota Vale do Côa


Arrival by train in Guarda

The Coa Valley – O Vale do Coa from Joao Romba on Vimeo.

Uwe Heitkamp (60)

trained TV journalist, book author and hobby botanist, father of two grown-up children, knows Portugal for 30 years, founder of ECO123. Translations : Dina Adão, Tim Coombs, João Medronho, Kathleen Becker
Fotos: via-algarviana

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