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So here’s the good news.

Protecting existing forests and reforesting suitable areas could fix some 226 billion tons of carbon dioxide, representing an active contribution to climate protection. This is the conclusion reached by a 200-strong group of researchers headed by scientist Lidong Mo of ETH Zurich (Switzerland) in the renowned journal Nature. As long as forests remain intact, they are able to absorb carbon dioxide from the air and compensate greenhouse gas emissions.

This is not about “planting trees on a massive scale”, emphasises ETH professor Thomas Crowther. Rather, this is about supporting communities and farmers on the ground, in order to increase biodiversity in forests. “This is the only way we can achieve long-term carbon dioxide storage.“

So why not plant a native tree in 2024 with ECO123 – or adopt a young tree for 2024 in our new Botanic Gardens in Caldas de Monchique. Let me take this opportunity to wish you a peaceful, healthy and sustainable New Year.

For more information about the Botanical Garden, please contact us at theobald.tiger8550@gmail.com

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