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Investments in a new ECO system

The prices for paper raw material from eucalyptus are falling. Last month, woodcutters in Portugal were working day after day to chop down as much eucalyptus as possible to be paid the old price of between 38 and 40 euros per tonne by Portucel/Soporcel. Now the prices are below 30 euros per tonne and there are far too many eucalyptus forests in the country. What will happen to them now? There is a lot of supply, but demand is low. This is good for the paper producer Portucel/Soporcel, but bad for the forest and land owners who are geared toward …

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From Ego to Eco.

Success Stories. Just imagine that you are responsible for equipping a spaceship that is leaving Earth next year and heading for Mars, and will only return in 100 years time. What would you put on board the spaceship and give the crew to take with them so that they and the next generations would be able to travel back to Earth happy and in good health? Would you give the space- and time-travellers a share in the paper producer Portucel/Soporcel, or maize seeds produced by the agro-chemical business Monsanto, or a hundred-year bond from the Espírito Santo family? Or rather …

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