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Back to normal?

What does this mean? ECO123 is keeping a close watch on the ecology and the economy with all sorts of stories behind the stories. For example, tomorrow, Saturday. 2020. We will all remember this year for a long time to come. The safety measures designed to protect our health against the Covid-19 pandemic are gradually being eased. After three months, what we are left with is the wreckage of an old economic system. Most planes will remain grounded for the time being. The car and aviation industries and their suppliers are promoting shorter working hours. Workers are set to be …

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  • Find that calm point in yourself

    Erika Dux (65), a doctor of medicine from the University of Düsseldorf and trained in a wide range of additional disciplines, such as Chinese-Japanese Bo-Meridian Shiatsu therapy, has been living in Portugal for 35 years and works privately as a doctor. She has three grown–up daughters. Why do people become ill? I’m afraid I really can’t answer that question for you. What are the causes of illness? For different reasons: people get an infection, have a genetic illness or a metabolic disorder, or are affected by exhaustion and intoxication caused by pollution, environmental degradation, or precarious housing. How do you …

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  • Winter Bowl

  • Made by Choices

  • Energy-packed nourishment for the vegan backpac

    Energy-packed nourishment for
    the vegan backpack

  • Seeing things from the “Other Side”

  • In question

    Edition #26 Nowadays, journalists should know that we are facing a profound crisis. This crisis can only be overcome if we properly inform our readers, writing stories that convey basic truths. We need success stories with answers — or ones that search for answers – to address the pressing questions of our times. We need well-told stories, ones that consider reality in its entirety, and present a coherent vision. That’s why we haven’t interviewed António Costa yet. Not yet. That which is abstract, we must make comprehensible. It is not enough to talk about electric cars and airplanes — we …

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  • We’re looking for the first 100 heroes defending the climate

  • Do it yourself and avoid waste

    Homemade Shampoo Today we are going to talk about shampoo: a vegan alternative, without chemicals or plastics. I can’t imagine how many plastic shampoo bottles I’ve thrown away over the course of my life. Whether the bottle is 250 ml or 1000 ml, the flood of plastic never seems to end. Special soap for hair washing does exist, but it’s not always easy to find – and goodness knows where it’s been imported from, or rather, how much CO2 it has generated, even without counting my journey to buy it at the shop… plus, the never-ending list of ingredients makes …

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  • 20 Rules for regenerative water management

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