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Sustainable holidaying in Portugal

Portugal is increasingly becoming a first-choice destination not only for the rest of Europe but also for the Portuguese themselves. And while this is good news from the economic perspective, in environment terms, there is the impact stemming from the footprints left both by travelling and by accommodation. Such simple details such as the consumption of water, foodstuffs, recycling or construction materials may end up making a fulcral difference. Thus, ECO123 presents here three hotel complexes who are as concerned about the wellbeing of their guests as they are about the planet itself without, however, giving up on any of …

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Inland, a Future With Life

Pathways to restoring a non-tourism dependent Algarve. The small village of Ameixial1, located in the council of Loulé, hosted the presentation ceremony for the final projects resulting from last autumn’s Permaculture Design Course. This presentation counted on the participation of its fifteen students and the attendance of many of the local citizens who, with a certain degree of reluctance but a lot of curiosity, began getting into, observing and questioning the students about the proposals and solutions that they had “designed”. These appeared on posters dotted around the venue and serving to facilitate the explanation and understanding of terms as …

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Tourism, Economics and the Environment

According to numbers published by the World Tourism Organisation and covering international travel across the planet, 2013 sawged a total of 1.087 billion arrivals. The specialists expect these numbers to top 1.4 billion in 2020 and 1.8 billion in 20301. With the plane providing the most common means of transport, the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere is not only astronomical but also highly negative for the environment. According to quarterly statistical bulletin numbers 17, 18, 19 and 20 of INAC2 (the Portuguese Institute of Civil Aviation), the country’s mainland airports registered 245,079 plane movements in 2013 with …

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Pesca e turismo

Resilience. Sustainability. A Good Life.

People who are addicted to drugs are mostly in a bad way. They actually need some therapy to get off the poison. But not every addict takes the decision to detox and then have therapy: not with heroin, nor with alcohol and even less so with smoking, whatever it is that is being smoked. Many people maintain their dependencies and live well, or so they say. It’s similar in our economy. It has settled into dependency. Our economy is addicted to subsidies, especially in one business sector. In tourism, all the poison is injected by Brussels and Lisbon. This time, …

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The SharEconomy is coming

This story is set here, on our planet Earth. It is fairly certain that, in 30 years, there will be ten billion people living on the planet. +++ Population growth is going up in a negative spiral. +++ With every additional citizen on Earth, diversity and space are decreasing. +++ With the continuous growth in the world’s population, the consumption of resources also goes up, and of energy, the volume of rubbish, and stress. +++ For this lifestyle, the resource-hungry industrial economy produces more and more food, more and more cars, more and more consumer goods. +++ And global warming …

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From Ego to Eco.

Success Stories. Just imagine that you are responsible for equipping a spaceship that is leaving Earth next year and heading for Mars, and will only return in 100 years time. What would you put on board the spaceship and give the crew to take with them so that they and the next generations would be able to travel back to Earth happy and in good health? Would you give the space- and time-travellers a share in the paper producer Portucel/Soporcel, or maize seeds produced by the agro-chemical business Monsanto, or a hundred-year bond from the Espírito Santo family? Or rather …

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Noted in detail.

A Test by Uwe Heitkamp Waiting for the bus. I count the passing cars; one/one, two/one, three/one, four/one, five/one, six/one, seven/one, eight/one, nine/one, ten/one, eleven/one, twelve/two. That was it, the first car with two people inside. I walk 1.1 km to the nearest bus stop. On the way there, my neighbour asks me why I’m walking? Has your car broken down? No, no, I answered, I’m leaving my car in the garage for a month. She looks at me sceptically, while she waters the flowers in front of her house with a hose pipe. My neighbours have got a weakness …

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Combating food hunger and waste.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, in 2013 and similar to each and every year, a third of all food produced around the world ended up being thrown away (1). To Hunter Halder, an American now resident in Portugal for a number of years, that is not a fact but an error he seeks to redress through his project ‘Refood’. This initiative, in conjunction with others such as ‘Ugly Fruit’ (2) and the ‘Zero Waste Movement’ (3), has worked out so well that the aforementioned United Nations organisation has turned to Portugal as a model for what …

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A library on every corner

Generally, sharing is an instantaneous act of contact and when not physical then at least virtual. To this end, ‘‘BookCrossing’’ takes on the characteristics of both sharing and of playing. In reality, this is a form of sharing but it does also involve, to a large extent, the factor of surprise with this sensual component simultaneously recalling the universe of games. In sum, ‘‘BookCrossing’’ in practice involves the act of leaving a book in a public place so that somebody else may pick it up, read it and then hand it back to the world again. Because this world is …

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bio shop

Shop with awareness

ECO123, in collaboration with Agrobio, is presenting a list of places where you can purchase and/or consume quality organic products, many of which are produced locally. Look after your health and contribute to your community.

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