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Eleven of the best wild plants

1) 1) Chickweed
Is a tender leaf for salads which can be harvested all year round. 
Broad-leaved thyme
4) Broad-leaved thyme
Harvest when in flower, and use fresh as an infusion or in soups.
7) Watercress
For a stronger flavour, pick the older, darker coloured leaves, but check that the plant is growing in clean, flowing water.
Pick the leaves in the early summer and use them chopped in fish dishes and potato salads.
2) Nettles
Rich in vitamin A and C. The leaves should be harvested when young and should be cooked like spinach.
Hairy bittercress
5) Hairy bittercress
Its leaves are sweet and can be used in salads or sandwiches.
Good King Henry
8) Good King Henry
Is perennial and can be picked all year round, and cooked like spinach or added to soups.. 
11) Hops
Pick the shoots and young leaves at the end of spring and in the early summer. Use in soups and omelettes.
Garlic mustard
3)Garlic mustard
Harvest a few young leaves, chop them and add to salads to give them a slight garlicky flavour. 
6) Sorrel
The bitter tasting leaves can be added to salads and to dishes that have been prepared or are about to be prepared.
 Lamb’s quarters
9) Lamb’s quarters
Can be cooked like spinach and added to salads.

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