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What does ECO mean to Rodrigo Leão?

Rodrigo Leão
Rodrigo Leão

To explain the simplicity of the grandeur of the word “Eco” to a child, I would talk about nature, everything that surrounds us, the environment. And I think that children nowadays are much more aware of things to do with pollution than my generation was perhaps, when some things were talked about much more and others much less. If we remember that people were allowed to smoke everywhere, in cinemas for example. I think that most journalism does not take environmental matters into consideration at the moment. Which is serious.

Perhaps at the moment, despite everything, there are things that have developed, but I think that the majority do not take current environmental issues into account. Explaining to a child that we live on planet Earth, that we have to conserve it, and that there have to be rules. I think this is the most important thing so that children start the process of learning for a more ecological future.

Planting a tree is a symbolic act but it is also a very special moment. I have a house in the Alentejo, in the countryside among the olive trees near Avis. I have planted some trees there and it is like a refuge where I go whenever I can with my children, with my wife and with family and friends. And this contact with nature is very important for me as a musician so that I can work, it is a quiet place and it is where we always try to find inspiration for making music.

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